The Advent of SmileFlu! 

It was August of 2009, the times when Swine Flue had sent chills down the spines of all other contemporary diseases in India. Not only we mere mortals, but every crowned disease, that was reigning some section or the other of the country , was threatened by Swine Flue’s over ambitious plans to expand the horizons of its kingdom. 

Amidst this chaos, a bunch of my friends got their bagpacks armed and declared their indecent intention of marching towards the epitome of love & romance – The Taj! Well, even though I was a guy with all sort of self control mechanisms in place (at least in my opinion), this was little too much too resist. And as you might have guessed by now – I too joined the brigade! 

We landed at the Taj on 14th August and I was mesmerised with the unexpected scene. No, I am not talking about the beauty of the Mahal; that was no surprise. What surprised me was the long long queue of people waiting to get entry (again no surprise here), most of them having MASKS on their faces! Yep, those masks meant to protect you from extending a please-visit-me-I-would-be-honoured-to-host-you invite to that mentally disturbed virus! 

We were surrounded by hundreds of people who were either infected with the cutely hot virus or were scared that they might end up having an affair with it. But yet, this fear didn’t stop any of them (including us) from kissing those cool marble walls of the magnificent white structure. 

And all this while, I was in my own world.. Smiling without any reason! This is when one of my friends bestowed upon me the title of SMILEFLU 😀. His reason- Everyone here is worried about the spread of Swine Flu and this guy is busy smiling.. As if trying to spread SmileFlu. 

Few months down the line when I got excited to create a blog, I didn’t have to think much for the name! Few things simply stick into your mind, don’t they? 

Untill the next post,

Keep spreading SmileFlu 



  1. Interesting!
    The way you introduce Swine Flue and paint the picture is lovely. Hope to see you writing more often.

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