Karma Has No Menu… 

(Spicy Disclaimer – Controversial material ahead. Read only if you can agree to disagree. This ain’t any you-can-do-any-effing-thing-that-comes-to-your-mind kind of motivational piece. Rather, this is my weak attempt at shaking up the unshakeable pseudo-selfimage that you have about your own existence. If nothing else, by the time you finish reading this, you’ll experience an infinitesimal reduction in your grumbling binge). 

I am not very happy with where I am in life. Period. I never imagined my life to be the way it is. Period. I had to be happy, much more happy; atleast that was the plan. I could have had a better life, better job, better salary, better house, better drinks and better mushrooms in my fridge!  So you see, there’s a huge gap between what I could have possibly had and what I actually have. And this, my dear friends, gives me the license to gripe! The visa to the state of complaints and frustration.

Doesn’t all this sound quite familiar ? Didn’t you think of yourself while reading it? I bet you did! And I can bet with so much confidence ‘coz I know this is the basic human nature. This is how we are. On one hand we all want to be happy, happier, and happiest, but on the other hand,  what we love the most is the act of complaining ! You may disagree, but that won’t change the truth.
Now, I don’t have any complaint about this inbuilt human craving for complaints. And I definitely don’t want to impress upon the readers that you shouldn’t want to improve things in your life. I am a staunch advocate of Steve Job’s philosophy of challenging the status quo. But there’s a decent-sized difference between challenging the current state and whining about it.

Truth be told, we get what we deserve. We are what we deserve to be. Period Again

If you think your job is underpaying you, why not resign and grab another one? If the college where you study doesn’t have great faculty or infrastructure, that you feel you deserve, why not go take admission somewhere else? If that lover, according to you, isn’t treating you the way you deserve, why not separate your ways and try someone else? 

The reason is- we have what we deserve to have. And if you are not happy with what you have, don’t whine about that job or school or lover, instead point your fingers at yourself. Look at your past decisions and actions, or more so the indecisions and inaction, that have brought you to where you are.

You plausibly didn’t study the way you were supposed to, or perhaps you weren’t willing to steer away from your family, and thus landed at this job. You didn’t score enough in the admission tests and hence were forced to be at this school. You didn’t value the right people in your life, or in most likelihood you chose face over character, thereby getting stuck with this wrong one.

The only way out is to work on empowering yourself, so that you rise to a level where you actually deserve what you desire. This ain’t easy, else I wouldn’t be writing this post now. This would require investment in terms of your time, efforts, interest, money, passion and willingness to give up on things that serve as distractions. 

As I said, this ain’t easy. This ain’t everybody’s cup of tea. And this ain’t a compulsion. You have my permission to treat it as an option, but in that case I demand that you forfeit your right to whinge about wherever you are in your life.

And in case you are wondering about my life, welcome to the club 😉 

Till the next post, 

Keep spreading SmileFlu 


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