Know The Guy! 

Multipotentialite|Ambivert|Maverick|Here to express, not to impress! 

Walking Talking Epidemic of SmileFlu! 

               Being candid with the jungle King 😉

Born in the erstwhile state of Andhra Pradesh, to a family having roots in Gujarat, and brought up in Maharashtra , I’m a Mechanical Engineer by qualification (only), an Unorthodox Teacher by Tashan, a fledgling poet by passion, a No-one by profession and an infinitesimal symbol of National Integration 🙂

Happily Single, have No Children 😉 😀 [I’m not searching for my other half, ‘coz I believe I am not a half :P]

First Crush was a Stage (Dais, if you may), First Date was with a Mic (at the age of 6), and all the Candle Light Dinners have been with those Gorgeous Books in my personal library !

The name itself means – “Meaningful Smile” and hence the mission – Spreading SmileFlu Everywhere 🙂

A very amateur Poet & Writer who loves to believe that He’s a Pro, but is grounded enough to accept that he’s not. 


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